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I'm on a mission to create strong, connected, and happy families and societies in our world and I believe that starts with powerful, loving, purpose-driven husbands, fathers and men.  To do this, I've created the
LDS Men's group called the:



- A contentious, disconnected marriage where you feel like you have to walk on eggshells constantly and don't see an end to this

- Getting defensive and angry towards those who are closet to you (spouse, kids, etc.) and feeling like your emotions are in control of you

- Feeling stuck, powerless and a lack of purpose in some aspect of your life

- Experiencing anxiety that leaves you shut down and feeling like you'll never be good enough

So are you ready to change that? It's easier than you think.  

If you have ever considered coaching OR if you want to significantly improve one or more areas of your life OR if you have felt the desire to be part of a tribe of growth-minded men,

this is it...

From my experience of coaching dozens of men as well as from my personal experience, men need TRIBE today more than ever before.

We MEN need to have a place to talk about 

what inspires us, what scares usand where we get stuck on a regular basis in an environment that embraces all of it and embraces all of us...come as you are right now.

And quite frankly, there's no other LDS Men's group in the world that offers the growth and the value of the




It's a 3-month rotation where we have different topics of focus each month

  1. Personal Power Month:
    This is focused on strengthening the mind, body and spirit. The purpose being for us as men to prepare ourselves to show up in all areas of our lives in a truly powerful way.

  2. Relationship Resonance Month:
    This is focused on how we relate to those around us (spouse, kids, parents, others). We talk about win-win, the manual, and the purpose of boundaries all of which gives us the knowledge and tools to be connected and influential to those we care most about.

  3. Abundance Month:
    This includes the physical, the mental, and the spiritual meaning of the word. We dive into money and all thoughts surrounding that and also look at our life's wants/desires and how to open up to receiving all that is available to us and our families.



Every week, inspirational topics will be shared that will encourage personal growth and power in order to support you in creating your best life and becoming the creator you were designed to be.

Within the calls, there will be self introspective actions where you are learning about you and there will also be a challenge/action that comes from the discussion to implement that week.

You will also hear from the experiences of others AND I will coach individuals on the call, both of which are so powerful for the individual and for those participating.


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I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and a Certified Life Coach.
You don't have to be a member of my church to work with me. In fact, it's not uncommon for me to coach those who are not members or who are former members of my church. But I am someone who understands the doctrine, the culture and how it impacts your challenges, your progress, and your goals. 
I have coached dozens of individuals ranging in ages from 20 to 77 on almost any topic including marriage, weight loss/health, money, accomplishing goals, crippling anxiety, self-judgement, and many others. There's not much that I haven't seen and there's also nothing too trivial to take a look at either. I can help you. 
As men, we worry about showing weakness and our vulnerabilities and we want to be seen as having it "all together." In this TRIBE, we discuss the real things in an open, judgment-free environment where you can just show up exactly where you are and start creating powerful solutions and true momentum in your life. 
I would be so honored to have you become part of this amazing tribe and grow with us...there's truly nothing like this in the world that offers the growth and the value you will experience by participating in this.


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