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Hello gents!  I'm going to tell it to you straight.
As men, we are faced with one question everyday of our entire lives. And that one question I have what it takes?

How and where we answer that question
determines the course of our life...period. 
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When you take that question to your marriage, you will create defensiveness, disconnection and resentment
When you take that question to your family or friends, you will create distant and discord
When you take that question to your career or business, you will stifle your contribution and earning potential
When you take that question to any place other than where the answer is, you will not become the man, the husband or the father you were truly created to be


- A contentious, disconnected marriage where you feel like you have to walk on eggshells constantly and don't see an end to this

- Getting defensive and angry towards those who are closet to you (spouse, kids, etc.) and feeling like your emotions are in control of you

- Feeling stuck, powerless and directionless in some aspect of your life

- Experiencing anxiety that leaves you shut down and feeling like you'll never be good enough



✔️ Have a close, connected marriage with little to no fighting and frequent, passionate intimacy 

✔️ Enjoy increased wealth and better overall health

✔️ Feel total confidence and clarity as you move toward the life you want 

✔️ Show up as the POWERFUL husband, father, and man that you are meant to be

✔️  If the answer to any or all of these questions is a resounding “YES”, then you’re ready to join my 90-day program called Become the Captain


"I met with Bob over a period of several months. He was instrumental in helping me work through several personal, life and marriage issues that were inhibiting my happiness and growth. I was reading several books and taking online courses from other people, but I needed something more to break through my barriers. After meeting with Bob I feel much more alive and driven than I did before. I have better clarity on what I want in life, how to get it, and the desire to achieve my dreams and goals. I feel much more confident in myself and my desires. I would highly recommend Bob to anyone looking to work on personal improvement, working through difficult issues, and achieving more confidence and happiness in life."

-Everett (age 41)

Why the Become The Captain Program?

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This is the one program specifically designed for men to allow you to answer the overarching question of your life in the right way and help you create your life of fulfillment.

How will Become The Captain do that?

In this program, you will deeply explore every significant aspect of your life.  You will gain absolute clarity about what is most important to you and how to pursue the fulfillment of those desires.  This program will help you discover what’s already inside of you and what life on your terms really means. I know you know what I’m talking about because you’ve felt the internal nudge to move forward…and we will do so together one step at a time:

Module 1

The Powerful Man


Module 2

Time & Money


Module 3


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You Will Leave With...

  • Your Life Purpose and Life Vision

  • Your Values for clear decision making

  • Knowing how to create more time & money

  • Knowing how to show up powerfully in relationships & more ...


“Feeling empowered again to take back control of my life…I feel more purpose and fulfillment…and my income has increased…"

- Parker


Weekly group calls with your tribe of men

Replays available for all calls

Regular, powerful, one-on-one coaching sessions to customize the coaching for your specific situation and desires right now

Bring your questions to the group calls or submit them ahead of time

3 Powerful Modules specifically designed for you to learn how to step into your true masculine power consistently and to create your life of total fulfillment

When you join the BECOME THE CAPTAIN Program, I will help you discover or re-discover the powerful creator that you already are. I'll show you that embracing all parts of you and exactly where you are now, is the key to you moving forward in creating your best life. There is no such thing as perfection...believe me I've tried that. What we are aiming for is powerful, purposeful momentum and progress. This is about intentionally feeling how you want to feel, showing up in your life the way you decide to, and creating what you want to create. 


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I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and a Certified Life Coach.
You don't have to be a member of my church to work with me. In fact, it's not uncommon for me to coach those who are not members or who are former members of my church. But I am someone who understands the doctrine, the culture and how it impacts your challenges, your progress, and your goals. 
I have coached dozens of individuals ranging in ages from 20 to 77 on almost any topic including marriage, weight loss/health, money, accomplishing goals, crippling anxiety, self-judgement, and many others. There's not much that I haven't seen and there's also nothing too trivial to take a look at either. I can help you. 
As men, we worry about showing weakness and our vulnerabilities and we want to be seen as having it "all together." In this program, we discuss the real things in an open, judgment-free environment where you can just show up exactly where you are and start creating powerful solutions and true momentum in your life. 
If you are ready for a powerful, positive change in your life.  If you want to find out what’s deep down inside of you. If you want to learn how to fully step into your masculine power and start creating, then I’d like to invite you to join me in BECOME THE CAPTAIN.  I’ll see you inside.  All the best.


“I’ve done a lot of different work through therapists and business coaches.  But this program helped me see that only I have the power to change me. I wondered about the group meetings…but I really liked those and it let me know that I’m not alone in wanting to make changes.”

- Jacob



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